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Ty BBOC Edition 2 Series 3


Series 3 Quick Facts
    Production size as compared
    to Series 2 - 26.6% Larger

    Total Cases    125,222
    Total Boxes    751,332
    Total Packs    18,031,968
    Total Cards    144,255,740

    Autographed cards 404
    Total number of Retired cards 250,040

Odds per pack
    Autographed          1:44,600
    Retired                   1:72
    Classic Common    1:24
    Beanies/Buddies     1:12
    Birthday                 1:5
    Wild Cards            1:3


Series 3 box

Series 3 pack

   Series 3 made it appearance on July 27 1999. These cards were completely redesigned from the previous two series and contained a lot more card variations. The card numbering starts from 1 again, and the same numbering continue through Series 3 and Series 4. As with the first 2 series, Ty signed one of every card in the now infamous Gold pen and numbered 1/1. There is a small clear Ty heart embossed on top of the signature. Total Signed cards 404.

    Each pack contains a checklist, a sticker card, an artists proof card and 7 other cards. Most of these are common cards but some will be the more valuable chase cards. There are a total of 11 types of cards in this Series: 

    For the first time, Ty encouraged collectors to not just buy by the box, in order to get the box bonus but this time to buy by the case which contains 6 boxes. Inside each case is an Issued card.

Retired Cards
The retired cards are laser cut cards, numbered 1 through 10. In the middle of each card is a large heart in which a retired beanie is placed. The color of the card is determined by the background color of the card which is a
solid color. There are 4 colors in Series 3, Teal, Magenta, Silver and Gold with Teal being the most common and Gold the rarest. All gold cards in Series 3are limited to 100. All of these cards are limited editions with the numbers shown in the table below.

Card Teal Magenta Silver Gold
Bessie 17,280 8,640 4,320 100
Chocolate 11,520 7,200 3,600 100
Digger 8,640 4,320 2,160 100
Inky 8,640 4,320 2,160 100
Kiwi 11,520 5,760 2,880 100
Manny 14,400 7,200 3,600 100
Scoop 17,280 8,640 4,320 100
Splash 11,520 5,760 2,880 100
Hippity 20,160 10,080 5,000 100
Pinchers 20,160 10,080 5,000 100

     What is interesting about these is that for the first time, the ratios are not maintained over the colors. For example while Chocolate and Kiwi both have the same number of Teal cards they have different numbers of Magenta cards. What is also unusual is that the numbers on some of the silver cards are in silver whereas others are in gold. In general, the lower number cards are in gold and the higher numbers in silvers. There appear to be about 1400 gold and the remainder silver. So for some like Digger, the silver numbers are rarer, whereas for Scoop, the gold numbers are much rarer. Higher gold numbers have been reported for Scoop, with about the first 1700 being gold.

Classic Common Cards
Classic common cards do not have a color level. They are numbered 11 through 18. They are the same as the commons from Series 1 and 2 except for a classic common stamp on them. These cards are quite rare with only 1 card per box on average. There are a total of 8 cards.

Beanie / Buddy Cards
These have been described by many as the most fun cards in Series 3. They come in pairs with the left half being a Beanie and the right the corresponding Buddy. They are divided by a wavy edge and each card has half of the Ty heart. They are also printed on a semi clear acetate. There are a total of 12 cards and come in the four colors as for the retired cards, and numbered 19 through 30. The color of the card is determined by the Beanies/Buddies name. The hardest to find of these are the Humphrey's and the easiest are the Jakes. This is the first time time that Buddies have appeared in the cards.

Birthday Cards
    There are a total of 12 birthday cards and come in the same 4 colors, numbered 31 through 42. Each card has a metallic background and the name of the Beanie is printed down the right-hand side of the card. The color of the name determines the cards color. It should be noted that Signature and Flutter do not actually have birthdays so on these cards the birthday star is blank.

Wild Cards
    Wild cards are a psychedelic foil card with the beanie in the middle and circled by a ring of stars. It is the color of these stars that determines the color of the card. There are a total of 15 wild cards,  numbered  43 through 57.


Common Cards
     There are 100 common cards which are spread among a number of themes, such as Underwater, Farm, Jungle etc. Each theme has a background shared by all of the Beanies. Also in the lower right corner the style number of the beanie appears in a shell, footprint, horseshoe etc. The name appears across the top of the card in large letters and the cards are numbered 58 through 157.
     As for Series 1 there are a number of hard to find and Very hard to find common cards. The hardest to find are:
    Billionaire, Bumble, Caw, Chilly, Germania, Grunt, Libearty, Lizzy, Lucky, Maple, Osito, Peanut, Quackers, Rex, Teddy with Green ribbon and Teddy with Red ribbon.

    When Series 3 first appeared, Tusk was incorrectly numbered as #144. For the first time, Ty actually corrected the mistake on subsequent printing runs and was correctly numbered #150. The earlier Tusks are much rarer and thus command much higher prices. In addition, the Germania cards also went out initially with an error in the poem. The two poems are listed below.
Early / Incorrect
Later / Corrected

Einigkeit und Recht
und Freiheit
ist der Deutschen
Allen Kindern brav und fein
Soll dieser Bar das
liebste sein!

Einigkeit und Recht
und Freiheit
ist der Deutschen
Allen Kindern brav und fein
Soll dieser Bar das
liebste sein!


Unity and Justice and Freedom Is the song of German unity. All good little girls and boys Should love this little German bear

Artist Proof Cards
    Every pack of Series 3 cards has 1 artist proof card. They are identical to the common cards except that they have an additional foil stamp on them that says "Artist's Proof" on top of a Ty logo. These cards also had the errors described for the commons. These cards share the same card numbers as the commons 58 through 157.

Sticker Cards
     There are a total of 21 sticker cards, each with three peel off beanie stickers. Each of the stickers is placed in an environment suitable for the Beanies found on the card.

    As with all previous sets, the checklist is a simple list of all of the cards that appear in the Series without any information regarding colors or which types they are.


Issued Cards
     These are the bonus cards when you buy a complete case of Beanie Baby Trading Cards. There are a total of three issued cards. Each card is semi-transparent and mounted in a 4 screw down card protector. There are a collection of Beanies on both sides of the cards. The three cards have issued dates of: 6.25.94, 1.7.95 and 6.3.95

Tear-A-Bear cards
     Inside each box are 24 packs of cards and a large Tear-A-Bear card that is about 4" x 6". Along the top of the card is a perforation and when opened (please open carefully using a knife rather than tearing the top completely off) reveals a Limited Edition Bear Card inside.
    There are a total of 6 Tear-A-Bear cards where each has the Old Face Beanie on the back in a dull brown and a full color New Face Bear on the front. They come in Brown, Cranberry, Jade, Magenta, Teal and Violet.


Limited Edition Cards
    There are a total of 24 different limited edition cards. All are of Bears. In each card, most of the card is like a frosted window, but a hole is cut out of it and most of the bears head can be seen through it. These cards have become some of the most collectable cards in Series 3. They are not numbered.


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