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Ty Series 2 Charity Auction  

This is a charity auction made possible by a kind donation from Barbara Ashley. The set is almost complete with only 2 silver cards missing. Those are shown blacked out in the grid below. Bids can be made on the complete collection, a group of cards or individual Rare Bear cards. In each case, the winning bid or bids will be determined by what would maximize the total amount raised. For example, if the bid for the entire collection exceeds the total of the individual bids, then the collection bid wins. But if the individual bids exceed the collection bid, then they win. The current winning bid or bids are shown in green. Bids that are the highest for a card or category, but would not win, are shown in yellow. Bids should be emailed to me at If I receive two bids of the same amount, the first received would win (I will inform you if that happens.) And remember that sending in a bid entitles you to a 25% discount from the website.

Proceeds are to go to St Jude Children's Hospital.

Flat rate $5.99 shipping for all winning bids.


The auction ends January 15th 2024

 Complete Collection

 Rare Bears
# Card Blue Green Silver
  Blue Rare Bear Collection (cards 1-12) $25 $150 $300
1 #1 Bear   $25  
2 Billionaire   $25  
3 Brittania      
4 Clubby   $30  
5 Erin      
6 Garcia   $3  
7 Glory      
8 Libearty      
9 Maple      
10 Peace      
11 Princess      
12 Valentino      



Birthday/Rookie Cards
  Blue Green Silver
Collection     $15

Retired Cards
  Blue Green Silver
Collection   $3  $5



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