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Les and Sue Fox

These cards were published by West Highland Publishing
Quick Facts
about Les and Sue Fox cards

Total number of boxes 90,000
Total number of packs 3,240,000

Number of Prize cards 2000
Number of Bonus cards 202,500

Pack Contents:
    10 cards

Odds of finding a bonus card 1:18 packs
Odd of finding a prize cards 1:1600 packs

     These cards pre-date any of the Ty Beanie Baby trading cards. They were created in 1998 and were not sold through the traditional Ty retailers. They were created by Les and Sue Fox, the authors of the very popular Beanie Baby handbook and used the same photographs as appeared in the book. They were produced by West Highland Publishing. They clearly had intended to produce follow on sets since the box is marker "Inaugural Edition". Unfortunately their disagreement with Ty prohibited the Fox's from producing any more Beanie baby related material and so the Fox's have now turned their attention to the collecting of US coins.

    There are a total of three types of cards in this set which are:

  • Common Cards
  • Bonus Cards
  • Prize Cards
NEW INFORMATION It appears that there were in fact some cards that were signed by Les Fox. Take a look below under Prize cards. In addition, he created at least one promotion set of the bonus cards for media distribution that were signed by both Les and Sue Fox.

A box of these cards contains 36 packs, with each pack having 10 cards. There are no inserts at all.

Common Cards
    There are 100 common cards numbered 1 through 100. On the back of each card is the name of the Beanie, its number, birth date, total produced and the number expected to survive in the year 2008. The information is surrounded by a bunch of multi-colored, animated beans wearing different kinds of hats. On the fronts is a framed picture of one or more Beanies. Most of the cards have the Beanies poem around the outside. The set also includes the Teanie Beanies and these have Burgers and Fries around the border. Retired Beanies also have a little retired symbol on them.

Bonus Cards
Bonus cards are very similar in form to the common cards except that they use gold printing on them. These cards are very rare with estimated odds of finding one about 1:18 packs. There are a total of 11 bonus cards.

Prize Cards
    The box states that there were over 2,000 prize cards in Series 1 and the value of these prizes was worth over $20,000. Thanks to a very kind donation by Les Fox, I can now show everyone what the prize cards looked like. He also confirmed my suspicion that very few of these cards were ever turned in for the prizes.

Signed Prize Card


Les and Sue Fox update
For those who like to keep up with Les and Sue Fox, they are currently busy with a number of ventures, including one called Help Save a Life, which is trying to raise funds for a kidney transplant for Mr. Ivie. I was pleased to have won an auction (2005) for a set of signed gold cards. In addition here is what Les had to say in an email:

"Some of my latest ventures can be seen at: and In addition to fundraising for the Ivies, and possibly other people who need kidney transplants after that, Sue and I are working on a new celebrity photo book about famous people who died young. With any luck, we will publish later this year. To be honest, I don't expect to get a # 2 NY Times bestseller again, and I'm very happy that it happened even once in my life!" He went on to say "If you like, you can make the first announcement anywhere about our new celebrity photo book. The title is not yet public. The subtitle is: "100 Celebrities Who Died Young." "

I encourage everyone to help Les out and to check out his sites.

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